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THE CANE CORSO                        The 4th issue of The Cane Corso Magazine is dedicated to the
                                      working dog and the temperament of the Cane Corso Italiano,
worldwide breed magazine              that spark and inner fire that makes this breed unique in this world.
        Nr. 4 / August 2017           Breeders, trainers, handlers, dog behaviorists, research-
                                      ers are answering to the questions: ‘What is a work-
Editor                                ing dog? What is genetics? What is selection? How can
Corina Cotoi, Romania                 we help our dogs be the best they can be?’ and we are
                                      thrilled to share with you their knowledge and insight.
Magazine design & publishing          An issue full of energy, power and drive - just like our Cane Corso!
Ewa Larsson, UK                       Enjoy reading!

Health                                                             Corina and Ewa.
Dr.Vet.Med. Angela Cianciotta, Italy

Kelly Lisa , USA


                                      by Stefano Gandolfi  Heraclitus said “even the gold diggers dig much earth:
                                                           and they find little.”
                                                           So it was for those who, alongside with me, were en-
                                                           gaged in the research of the Cane Corso.
                                                           A dog that is part of our roots and our history.
                                                           The time, the passion and the dedication profuse in the
                                                           difficult and long recovery of the breed, brought us to-
                                                           The disappointments, the difficulties, but also the
                                                           friendships, the involvement and the enthusiasm of the
                                                           many people we dragged in our momentum, brought
                                                           us together.
                                                           To all of them I would like to dedicate the English edi-
                                                           tion of this book.
                                                           A special mention goes to the co-author of this book,
                                                           Prof. Fernando Casolino who left us in November
                                                           2015. To him we owe the search for lost memories, sto-
                                                           ries and customs of a past that lives in the present.
                                                           His memory will remain forever engraved in these pag-
                                                           es as well as in my heart and in the hearts of all those
                                                           fortunate enough to have had the privilege of meeting
                                                           him on their way.
                                                           « Forsan et haec olim meminisse iuvabit. »

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