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        The Dilution


        by The Cane Corso Magazine

        A summary of  the genetic map for grey,
        blue and isabella colors.




        Westminster                                    Bring Back the Brindles

        Results                                        by the Cane Corso Magazine
         54.                                           74.

        34.                                  42.                                 48.

        Who is the boss                      The Temperament Profile of          Osteochondritis
        by Kelly Lisa, USA                   The Cane Corso Italiano             Dissecans (Ocd) Of  Shoulder
        Behaviorist Kelly Lisa presents a new   by Peppino Accroglianò, Italy    by Dr.Med.Vet. Angela Cian-
        perspective on the Alpha concept.    Peppino Accroglianò asks the ques-  ciotta, Italy
                                             tion: ‘Was temperament overlooked?’  Veterinary specialist Angela Cianciot-
                                                                                 ta tells us about a common problem
                                                                                 in large breeds: OCD.

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