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                                       BY FERNANDO CASOLINO WITH

                     Excerpt from the Chapter ‘Breeding and Health’, from the book “Il Cane Corso”

           Health: general                    fourth vertebra when he was only  mind.  Long ears are  excellent
           principles.                        a few days old.                    traps for  seeds and  other vegeta-

           Once you have brought your new     It is pointless to discuss the pros   ble matter, they hold dust which,
           puppy home, it is a good idea to   and cons of this tradition, since at   turned into a kind of mud by the
           take him to your veterinarian in or-  the moment the choice is up to the   humidity in the ear, can lead to a
           der to schedule worming and vac-                                      lack of ventilation, dirt, bad odor,
           cinations.                         breeder or owner both as his per-  otitis, swelling, and pain.
                                              sonal preference and as his partici-
           Until starting weaning, the pup    pation in dog shows authorized by   The dog demonstrates signs of
           was protected from illness by the   the Italian kennel club.          this by carrying his head sideways,
           antibodies in his mother’s milk;                                      shaking it,  and scratching it  con-
           now that he is on his own - this   In the past it was felt that without   tinuously with his paw.
           is no longer happening, and he     tail and ears he was less easy to at-
           could be susceptible to distemper,   tack as he guarded, defended, herd-  This  devoted  friend  of  his  mas-
           hepatitis, leptospirosis, parvovi-  ed, hunted, and fought; this image   ter lives only a short  time  (10-14
           rus, filaria, etc.                 of the breed as we  have  always   years), but he lives these years in-
                                              known still prevails and, although   tensely, selflessly and without stint,
           Commercial vaccines work well  we respect  the opinion  of those      capable, if necessary, of the most
           against these infections, and we rec-  who do not agree with us, we feel   extreme devotion.  His needs are
           ommend that he is vaccinated once  that were his ears not cut he would
           a year and against rabies as well.   lose the imprint of his breed, the   few, thanks to his sturdy organism,
                                              expression of his courage, and the   but should he need care don’t wait
           If the puppy is healthy it is time (2   glamour of his history.       for him to cure himself and don’t,
           ½ months) for the traditional am-                                     for heaven’s  sake,  think  that  you
           putation of the ears in an equilat- There are also practical and sani-  can act yourself as a competent
           eral triangle: his tail was cut at the  tary  considerations to keep in  veterinarian.

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