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                                                                                                      Italian and
                                                                                                  Club champion 1995
                                                                                                   Akyra del Dyrium
                                                                                                   (owner Antonella

        Call one if necessary or take him  toms of illness.  We offer here only  shiny you should use a soft brush
        yourself for a visit and to get the  those suggestions which comprise  on him daily, adding from time to
        necessary  medicine.   Let  the  vet  a normal vigilance as he shares the  time a dry cleaning lotion.
        teach you how to administer pills  life of our family.
        and syrups and how to give injec-                                    Always  brush in the  direction  of
        tions, thus avoiding needless trips.  Skin.                          the  coat’s  growth,  front to back,
                                           Diseases of the skin, which must   with a light motion which will take
        If it  is true  that  you have  paid a   necessarily be diagnosed by a vet-  away dead hair  without  harming
        good price for a valuable animal, it   erinarian and sometimes call for an   new growth.
        is equally true that you must take   examination of the tissue, are of
        care of him and his health just as   different kinds.                Should you have an attack of fleas,
        you would add to the cost a of a                                     lice, or ticks you can use the spe-
        new car the gas and maintenance  The  most  common symptom  is  cial collars available for purchase,
        to keep it moving.                 that of bald spots here and there  which last for three or four months
                                           on the coat with itching or damp  and work well.
        Remember, though,  that  a Cane    or dry sores, or with scabs caused
        Corso is not a body on four wheels:   by scabies from invisible mites.    Do not use them on young pup-
        he is an expression of life, inextri-                                pies  or on  those  who play often
        cably involved with our intelligence  The  wrong food can cause  these  with children.
        and our finest sentiments.         same  symptoms, but  the  proper
                                           medicine and a more appropriate   You can also brush your dog with
        There exist a  great number of     and complete diet  should resolve   the powder recommended by your
        books and articles which treat the   the  problem in a relatively short   veterinarian or bathe  him with
        subject  of  a  dog’s  health  specifi-  time.                       products to be found at your phar-
        cally and in detail, offering infor-                                 macy or in shops specialized in ani-
        mation on first aid or first symp- To keep his skin and coat clean and  mal care.

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