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           You must take special care if you  and disinfect his bed and the plac- pression show the essence of the
           intend  to  pull out  the  ticks  your  es where he spends the most time,  emotions and state of mind of our
           dog has caught during his walks in  avoiding products  with  a strong  Corso, which we will learn to inter-
           the fields.                        odor.  Remember that these exter- pret as we live with him.
                                              nal  parasites  can cause  tapeworm
           They  are  easy  to  find  with  your   and piroplasmosis.            Unhealthy eyes, sticky, bleary, un-
           fingers, but if you tear them you                                     well in any way, are the sign of a
           will break them, and the part left   Mouth.                           disturbance, and  if they  do not
           behind under the  skin can cause   All common ailments of the mouth   improve immediately after the use
           abscesses or infections.           can easily be prevented by regular   of eye-cleaning liquids schedule an

           Cover the spot instead with a few   control and a weekly cleaning with   immediate visit to the veterinarian.
           drops of salt water, turpentine, or   cotton batting dipped in sodium bi-  You should clean your dogs  eyes
           gasoline and wait a few  minutes;    carbonate or a special dog toothpaste   often  to keep them  healthy  with
           then proceed to pull out the insect   used on a soft brush.  Constant use   warm water on cotton  or  with  a
           with a pair of pincers.            of  these  methods will  prevent the   3% boric acid solution.
                                              formation of tartar which damages
           Attacks  of lice  are rare, but  they  the gums, opens the way to inflam-  You might notice  occasionally an
           are the  most  bothersome  for the  mations and infections, weakens the   insistent  drainage of transparent
           Corso,  driving  him mad with  teeth, and causes bad breath.          liquid from one or both eyes; this
           scratching.                                                           is due either to an  eyelid  turned
                                              If anything abnormal  comes to
           Bathe  him  in  a  specific  solution  your attention, you should consult   inward (entropion) or to an occlu-
           and, in the worst cases, shave him  your veterinarian.                sion of the tear ducts.
           completely to destroy the nits.  In-                                  An accurate examination will show
           spect him often behind the ears, on  Eyes.                            the cause, and your doctor will de-

           the stomach, and between the toes  Clean, healthy eyes  and their ex-  cide if an operation is needed.

                                                                                 A tearing, half-closed eye with ca-
                                                                                 tarrh at the edges of the lids, pain-
                                                                                 ful and annoying for the dog, could
                                                                                 be caused by the penetration in the
                                                                                 conjunctive sac of objects such as
                                                                                 grains of sand, hair, or thorns, and
                                                                                 these  must  be  removed  if clean-
                                                                                 ing and collirium haven’t improved
                                                                                 the situation. Although an experi-
                                                                                 enced breeder may be capable of
                                                                                 performing  this  operation alone,
                                                                                   we  would  discourage  anyone
                                                                                    else from trying it: the object

                                                                       Marlon        in question  could  be  lodged
                                                                                     under the third eyelid and the
                                                                                    procedure  become  difficult
                                                                                  and dangerous both in immobi-
                                                                                 lizing the  dog,  anaesthetizing  the

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