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        eye, and raising the lid with pincers  never be done with sharp instru- A dry, warm, cracked nose associ-
        to find and take out the danger.   ments, and  should be limited  to  ated  with  other  symptoms  could
                                           the external parts of the ear: any-  be  the  warning signal  of  serious
        If a foreign object gets in the con-  thing more profound is the job of  illness.
        junctiva or the cornea you should   your veterinarian.
        never try to remove it yourself.                                     Cracks in the nose can, however,
                                           Neglecting this simple duty could  be caused by the dog’s digging
        Your veterinarian will take care of   lead  to  otitis,  and a dog  who  for tempting odors' or to hide a
        this under anesthesia and avoid the   scratches  all day  will  only aggra-  bone by helping his paws with his
        risk of impaired vision or even the   vate  the  inflammation  and  cause  muzzle.
        loss of the eye.                   wounds which, from  simple

        In the case that the lower eyelid is   scratches,  could become  bleeding   In this case  it will return to nor-
                                                                             mal quickly with the help of a few
        excessively relaxed outward (ectropi-  ulcers difficult to heal and will at-  drops of warm oil.
        on), you should intervene constantly   tract flies and other parasites.
        with baths and collirium in order to   Never use  peroxide or  even sim-  The Corso has a highly-developed
        avoid chronic conjunctivitis.                                        sense of smell, and this is a neces-
                                           ple soap and water in the ears, as   sary tool for him as guardian.

        Ears.                              the humidity they cause will only
        We have already mentioned that     worsen the situation.             Sudden changes of temperature
        ear ailments are more common in    Once again you will need your vet-  or irritation of the nostrils caused
        dogs with long, hanging ears than   erinarian, as you will have needed   by inhaling dust or foreign objects
        in those whose ears have been am-  him for all the care involved in the   can cause colds, catarrh, inflamma-
        putated.                           amputation of the ears.  Your job   tion and itching: if we notice our
                                                                             Corso  sneezing  or  scratching his
        Nonetheless, we must be careful to   is to keep them clean and to ad-  nose against the  ground  or with
        keep our Corsos ears in condition   minister an efficient healing lotion   his front  paws,  we  should take  it
        to hear well so that he can perform   such as tincture of iodine.    as a signal that something may be
        his traditional task of guard dog.                                   wrong with his health.
        This means, at least once a month,  The  nose  of the  Cane Corso is  A watery or mucous drip from the
        cleaning them with cotton dipped  large,  flat,  with  open  and  mobile  nose,  particularly if  malodorous,
        in vaseline, glycerin, or simply olive  nostrils,  black,  and always  damp  or any breathing difficulties should
        oil to wash away the excess of wax  and cool.  It is an indicator for his  be treated immediately, as they may
        and accumulated dirt.  This should  state of health.                 be signs of distemper […]

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              Please keep in mind that the text was written in the year 1996 and, although most of
                        it applicable to current times,  some information may be outdated.

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